It happened again.

I had to cancel my Vegas trip on the fifth day due to sickness and take the next flight home. Although I am a little sad about being far away from the Bellagio Poker Room I am really happy to be healthy and home with my wife again. So as you might imagine this week hasn't been too successfull pokerwise. But let's start right at the beginning of the week:

Day 1

My journey was much more exhausting this time even though I took the same route I chose last time with British Airways from DUS via LHR to LAS. I got through immigration in Vegas quite fast, picked up my rental car, had a late night snack at In-N-Out Burger and drove to the Rio where I had booked my first 5 nights of the trip.

Got a room in the older Ipanema tower but did not know there were renovated rooms in the Masquerade Tower at the time. My room was quite spacious but the decor looked like it was coming right out of the 80ies and 90ies and it did not have a stripview. At least I got a $9 breakfast voucher and could not complain about paying $40 - or rather $31 effectively - per night for it.

I decided against a first poker session that night and went directly to bed.

Day 2

After a typical first night of Vegas insomnia I finally got up to get breakfast at 9am and drove to the south outlet thereafter. Dropping some $ for shopping is always the best way to start a trip since that is a sure shot +EV play per se for us Europeans.

This first poker session at the B and the one I played next at the Wynn later that day were all about bet/folding standard stuff like top pair in multiway pots against big check/raises. I just couldn't seem to be able to win a pot so I called it a day and drove back to the Rio to get some rest. When I reached the parking deck the following view of the Strip presented itself to me:

Vegas was wrapped in a dust cloud and it got so stormy the palm trees started bending. I had never before seen that kind of weather here and I heard a lot of local people complain about the temperatures and the wind at the tables later.

After getting some rest I saw a 2-6 NLHE being listed at Monte Carlo on my Bravo Poker App. Since I wanted to go to Aria for my next session anyway I decided to give it a shot and headed to the MC Poker Room. That game turned out to be a spread limit game so I played some 2/5 at Aria instead.

Unfortunately my poor run did continue here and climaxed in a 3-way preflop AI with KK against a tight lady's AA and a drunk guy's 77. The guy spiked a 7 on us and shipped that juicy 1,5k pot after which I decided to call it a night.

Day 3

In contrast to my rather unsuccessful first poker day I was absolutely in the zone on my second. I picked up solid reads, made good decisions and great laydowns. Here are a few examples:

1. I bet/called with A7 on a board after my opponent smiled at me saying "I'm bluffing!"
2. I checked back the river with KQ on a runout against a highly loose/passive villain who would have called a 3rd barrel with worse. I noticed a strange twitch when the river hit the felt and earned a smile when I checked back saying "Your KJ is good sir!". He did indeed table KJ.
3. I openfolded AQ on a dry Q55 flop after I noticed two villains trying hard to hide their excitement and hollwyooding in front of each other until the river when the better 5 took the pot down.

Although I still didn't turn a profit yet I managed to recoup all the losses of the previous day. I also filmed a short video so you can get an impression of me doing my daily grinding routine in Vegas:

[youtube link=" TZ-qxraTzlgJA"]

Day 4

This was the day that put me in the green for my trip. I broke even at my early B session but won a big pot with quads at the wynn later. I called the preflop raiser on a flop with my red sevens when suddenly the dealer realized after dealing the turn that one guy hadn't folded yet. The floor was called and the turn was re-dealt which resulted in the river being the in the end. I tried to keep up my best pokerface during the discussion not to lose market from villain but that rivercard made me doubt about getting paid in the end. I tried a mix of good timing and sizing which did make him call and muck his hand.

I also filmed another short video of a tough spot I got into:

[youtube link=" TZ-qxraTzlgJA"]

Ok, jokes aside and on to the serious stuff.

Day 5

I woke up with a real bad feeling in my stomach. It didn't get better during the day so after switching back and forth between bed and toilet the entire day I finally decided I had to leave town. Fortunately I had the support of a great buddy who drove me to the airport and talked to the BA agents while I wasted away. BA rescheduled my booking and took me home on the 9:10 flight to LHR.

Even though the trip was a failure profitwise I did take some valuable lessons with me. I still dont know what may have caused my illness to come up again but I will have to listen more closely to what my body tells me. Maybe the timing for this trip just wasn't right and it wasn't meant to be in the first place. However, this will not keep me from doing trips in the future.

I just have to get better at choosing the right timing and sizing