Hey guys,

I'm going to change the structure of my blog a little from now on.

It is kind of hard to keep up the inspiration and quality for a new entry in the style of my previous posts with time. I thought it would be a good idea to loosen up this blog with some weekly reviews of my play and what happened away from the felt. Hope you enjoy reading anyway!

This very first review is coming in early this week since I am flying out to Vegas again on Sunday. So how has this week been going for me?

First off, with spring finally just around the corner I felt an itch this morning that made me move my work space around. I managed to find a new perspective for my online grind while being able to  enjoy more sunlight and fresh air during the upcoming summer months:


At the beginning of the month I still had to deal with the frustration of my March downer and the rather dull routine of my daily grind at the regular 6-max cashgame tables. I felt the urge to change perspectives and work on my game at the same time.

I then somehow found my old love for Zoom poker again and proceeded to play a lot of volume on "Baade" (50NL 6-Max Zoom) this week. I even zoomed around Gareth for a little while - greets if you read this .

By now, I have now come to realize that the switch to Zoom has been great for my game. Because of the more technically and gametheoretically-optimized approach Zoom poker requires I have finally discovered how spewy and oftentimes out-of-line my game had become at the regular tables. I found and already killed some of the major leaks that had sneaked into my game without me realizing it.

Merely looking at my preflop ranges after taking up Zoom again helped me identify leaks in my opening, 3- and 4-betting standards. I don't even want to start talking about postflop leaks right now, gonna have to work on that once I return in late April

Besides, what I also enjoyed this month is the feeling of having found a format that I can even grind with a solid basic gameplan during days on which I cannot deliver my A-game for whatever reasons. There were a few of those days this week but they didn't change my results too much in the end and I am happy I can now leave for Vegas in good spirits that way.

Monthly Graph:

VPP Counter 2013: 25.336

Hand of the Week:

Villain is an unknown recreational player with stats of 38/0/1 on only 8 hands:

Would you shove or check/fold this river?


I have to start packing soon but the good news is I can pack some shorts as it's pool season with temperatures in the 80ies over there!

A few days ago I had a spontaneous vision of me staying at the Rio instead of the Quad which I had already booked for my first 5 nights. I woke up in the morning and just felt like cancelling the Quad to find some better place. Amusingly trivago had a great deal for the Rio that day with just $40/night which I snapcalled. So now I am looking forward to staying at a Vegas hotel which I have never stayed at before. Hope I won't regret it

I will keep you guys posted with my epxeriences in Vegas on my next blog entry so stay tuned. In the meantime you can always follow me on Twitter for short updates or pics.

Have a great weekend all!

- Flix