For over an hour nothing has happened, just nothing at all. I open, 3-bet a button open, c-bet some flops and start going into folding mode again. My morning session does not put me into any tough spots, no ugly turns or rivers, no beats, no bigger pots.

Then all of a sudden everything happens real fast my mind can't catch up: A double barrel bluff turns into a magically rivered gutshot straight and my valueshove gets snapped off by topset. Over at the other table my kings take care of the little ladies preflop and a few seconds later I overset one of the tightest villains today. The slaughter climaxes with this rare and royal gem:

Every pot I enter seems to be going my way. I dare to take a quick peek at my Hold'em Manager stats and see numbers in a vivid green colour that I have been missing so badly during this long German winter. My confidence reaches new heights and I hear my inner voice scream "Gogogo, moar, moaaaar!" while plowing my way through any opposition.

This text already sounds a bit like fantasy poker but I actually mean something completely different with that term. It relates to what happens to your game AFTER experiencing such huge upswings.

Fantasy poker is played out in your own head, far from reality, from your villains and their actual tendencies. My mind starts to play tricks on me by inventing a nice story around a spot as it could unfold in a perfect world. Here's a good example of me playing fantasy poker:

While in reality I would have an easy fold against some unknown 50NL regular I decide to 4-bet as a bluff and get min-5-bet. Again, easy fold but my mind goes something like this in fantasy poker mode:

Preflop: "He pulls the old clickbackbluff, good odds, yay. Let's call!"

Flop: "I flopped the nuts against his bluffing range, yay! Let's call!"

Turn: "I turned the nuts against his bluffing range, yay! Let's call!"

I even find myself celebrating this calldown a little deep inside after I talked myself into thinking my opponent would be capable of running huge bluffs like that. I get into some kind of rush or frenzy that makes me want to pull the wildest plays or lines as my recent run encouraged me in the assumption I would win this pot anyway.

Minds can be deceiving, especially those of pokerplayers. There are times when I would never admit mistakes, stop reflecting about my game and start sugarcoating my plays.

This is where my fantasy poker usually starts.