There hadn't been any change in view from my home office since the beginning of the year. It was the same old picture of leafless branches and a grey sky day in day out. On the first instance the sun did decide to actually show up last week I grabbed my bike and took a little ride. However, my joy lasted only up until I reached the borders of the city park where I realized nothing around me had been blooming yet.

After returning from my short tour through a cold wind I made some coffee and fired up the stars lobby to look for juicy tables. My mind wandered a bit and I felt a little lack of motivation with the bitter taste of last week's performance still around.

A few minutes later I caught myself browsing flight offers, first on the Condor website and then finally with British Airways again. An escape from winter depression, only a few mouseclicks tempting when pool season had officially just begun in Vegas!

I turned 32 last week. Only one year older but I feel that my poker mind has aged a lot, too. My priorities in poker and in life have changed. I find myself looking much more to improve the quality of my life rather than the actual EV in poker like I have trained myself to do over the course of the years.

I am striving for more relaxation and ease at the poker table rather than high variance, huge confrontations and tough decisions. Only a few years ago I would easily 12-table the night away on 200NL while barely standing the slow pace of 1-tabling live poker. Today it's quite the other way round. I enjoy myself 1-tabling live poker in Vegas all day while I am happy if I manage to deliver my A-game at four 200NL 6-max tables for no longer than 2 hours. The overall quality of my poker life is what's becoming most important to me with time. So why not transfer this focused and compact concept to online poker?

I was reading the blog of a German IntelliPoker member the other day who has been 1-tabling Zoom poker for ages and been posting great success doing so. I felt a little inspired by this and gave it a try. I played just 1 table of Zoom poker, took time to think about every decision in depth, looked closely at all tendencies of my opponents, wrote notes and even found the time to utilize Pokerstove along the way:

I was amazed at what I eventually managed to train my poker brain to do again. All of a sudden I found myself:

- exploiting leaks
- countering exploits
- listening closely to timing and betsizing tells
- holding up contentration and a-game for much longer

It feels a little like playing live poker where I can really absorb everything that happens at the table and put it to good use. I could even afford to play a little higher than usual if I feel like it and I can make up for the lesser volume with longer sessions on my A-game. I will keep up this 1-tabling training mode until I feel more confident in my game to pick up a 2nd table. I'm really excited to see where this leads me and I will definitely keep you guys posted about it.

For now let me wish you all happy Easter holidays and see you next week in live training!