In the beginning it was always curiosity or disbelief. I recall exactly what whent through my head when I wanted to make what I would nowadays consider the most atrocious calls. I just wanted to see what got there on the river again. This probably is a very human trait but also a kind of masochistic one. With evolution of your poker brain those bad thoughts get steadily replaced by thoughts about ranges, combos and equities. But sometimes you just can't help it and you find yourself succumbing to those inner demons from the past. You don't want to give up on that pot just yet, you have invested so much into it and hell villain might be bluffing for once, right? After making the call and seeing that you were right all you usually feel like doing is pumping your fist and celebrate the victory - neglecting that it was probably only one out of a 100 times you would be good here.


For my weekly blogpost I have chosen to go over two spots from my recent cashgame sessions that fit the topic quite well. As always I am interested in everyone's thoughts so please feel free to post a comment (even if 200NL aren't "your stakes"). I am going to post results next week.

AK vs backraise

Villain in this hand was unknown and had weird stats of 18/8 style on only 20 hands. He was sitting across a few different tables so he might have been a reg.

Given the odds I need more than 42% equity for a +EV call here. Against a range of {TT+,AK} I would only make it to 41% equity. However, since he directly shoved all-in I figured I could discount some AA/KK combos which would give me the slight edge I needed for moving my equity above 42%. Close spot, huh?

AT vs donk/donk/shove

Villain is a recreational player running 49/6/2 on 78 hands.

I try to isolate him with what I feel to be a good hand against the range he calls with preflop. Now all of a sudden he gets active on the flop, turn AND river. Calling twice should at least make him aware that I am sitting on Ax but does he want to bluff me off that here? I wanna call so bad


I was really lazy the last few weeks after returning from Vegas. I haven't played too much and raised the VPP count to 15200 which puts me just a little behind Supernova pace. I figure that when I'm running good I tend to slow down on volume and start caring for projects other than grinding a bit more. Probably just as natural of a human trait as wanting to make bad calls, I guess.

Starting from today I will try and get on a regular schedule again. Time seems perfect since the milestone promo is still going on. Tonight I will probably also play in the sunday million 7th anniversary event, so maybe see you at the tables somewhere - whether we are chasing milestones or trying to get some piece of that huge sunday million cake.

GL everyone!