"This is way too much, sir!" says the postman as I hand him 5 bucks. Too much? For carrying even some of the heavyweight packages 3 floors up to our doorsteps every single time while giving the best he can to be as friendly and helpful as possible? I don't want to overgeneralize but other German parcel drivers usually don't care about that at all. They will sometimes not even bother dropping the package at your neighbor's when you are not around. Having returned from the US it just naturally occurred to me that this young man had earned his tip.

Either way, there is a huge difference in mentality between the US and Germany when it comes to tipping. When I went to the US for the first time I had my problems with this like a lot of German tourists usually have. Sometimes I would give no tip at all in situations where I wasn't used to do it, in other situations I would completely forget about it. Then came the times where you earned yourself something from tipping: happy smiles and friendly treatment. You gave something and got something back in return. Suddenly, the lady at the cashier remembered my face and the guy at the poker room's front desk remembered my name.

I'm probably by no means as good or big of a tipper yet but I am working on it and I like the way this works. You give something back into a cycle of goodwill or karma and you usually get something back out of it - even if it is just the good feeling of giving.

I have been back on home turf for nearly a week now trying to get back into my German rhythm again. There were no signs of jetlag during the first two days but after that I got overwhelmed by fatigue falling asleep in the middle of the day and even in front of my computer.

Needles to say I haven't been able to get in too much volume but I did have the motivation to move up to 200NL again. When returning from playing for 1k+ pots live to playing out 1/5th of that money online it does feel a little awkward. But I have to admit that I feel money earned online may be worth much more than money earned live in a sense. 50 cents may be much tougher to win from an online 50NL game than it is to get hold of a blind in a live 2/5 game.

Anyway, I will not force myself into playing too much in February since I have already accumulated around 14k VPPs until now which puts me on Supernova pace. That way I will also allow myself some more time to deal with switching back from live to online poker again which I find a lot harder to do by now than vice versa. When going from online 6-max to live fullring games all you have to do is nit it up a little bit, make some betsize adjustments and take your time for decision- or readmaking. Returning to online 6-max games afterwards is a lot tougher when you are used to the slow pace and dynamics of 1-tabling then. There's all this beeping at x tables and you have to deal with y different villains at once. Maybe that's just an excuse though and I am getting old.

While I am pretty happy with how I'm running at 200NL right now I am not too happy about my game. Winning preflop All-Ins is all I am doing well at right now but that may be shortlived joy I guess so there's lots to improve on.

Hand of the Week

This is a spot in which I would have probably lost hold of my hole cards instantly in a live poker setting against 90% of your typical nitty 2/5 villains:

Villain is an unknown Supernova regular with stats of 23/18/2 on 609 hands, calls opens in the BB 19% of the time and has only check/raised on the turn once prior to this hand. How do you continue in this spot?

Closing this post I have to link you guys to the twitter account of one of my favorite Vegas bloggers Matt Moore. Apart from the fact that this guy's blog entries are pure inspiration to me he has shot some good stack pics which kinda make my pics from the two latest entries look like a pile of pennies.

That's it for now, thanks for reading!