Saturday night - time to kill some good southamerican food, coffee n cake and head to the movies for Django unchained with the wife.

On our way to the movie theatre the wife points me to a clearly +EV move: cheap fuel at a small gas station a little off the track. We obivously decide to snapcall. Being in high spirits and all fuelled up I drive off the gas station ignoring the sign that should keep people from turning left.

While waiting for the car rush to stop I get a spontaneous vision of a police car that we passed a few minutes ago. My spidey senses go off and tell me that something about the decision I took out of complete laziness is just not right. I ignore them and turn left in a convenient moment. No 5 seconds until I get pulled over by a friendly officer who was lurking in the dark behind that exact same police car we saw a few minutes earlier. So I eventually failed in making the fuel purchase a +EV play.

The funny thing is my intuition warned me and I could already envisage such an outcome before it acutally happened. Sounds like some esoteric bs but I feel that this directly relates to poker in a lot of ways:

How many times have you had those spidey senses go off before taking an action? That feeling of getting 3- or 4-bet before raising is like a looming threat of dark clouds when you read the dynamics of a situation correctly. You know the consequences but you still make your play and tell yourself "I knew it!" afterwards.

I think that you can try to become better and better in correctly reading a situation for what it is, interpreting the signs or vibes and take them into account before making a decision. That way you can actually strive to be one step ahead of your villains, or at least of yourself.


I have started getting into a very smooth grinding rhythm and I am starting to like my current game more than I have at other times in the past.

I try to motivate myself much more to hit the tables on a regular schedule, even when I end up logging only a short session eventually. I feel that there is so much value in the training effect like with sports or working out. It keeps your head in the game and the motivation at a constant or increasing level.

I am still grinding 100NL to build up both more BR and confidence to finally take the jump back to 200NL with no need to look back. All in all I can say I haven't had as much fun in grinding online for a long time.

Another example for a measure that aims at keeping me motivated is our kitchen whiteboard:

Hands of the Week

Starting the hand section with a small brag this time. When a solid winner of my stakes pays off my topset that may mean two things: either I am doing something right or I my range actually gets owned without me realizing it.

In the next hand I am looking for your opinion on my line, betsizing and river decision against an unknown player who I figure to be a reg since he plays on multiple tables fullstacked:

Vegas has to wait (just a little bit)

A few days ago I was on the verge of booking my Vegas flight for February but an inflamed back tooth came in the way. If you have been on a flight with such an inflammation before I bet you can relate and understand that I am not gonna run such a risk again. All I can do is wait for my doc to help me out next week and if everything goes well I can still book next week. Prices are low anyway so no need to worry.

For all of you who need a regular Vegas tripreport fix like me I found an epic thread here. Cliffs: guy sits with entire BR of $380 two days before his trip ends and runs it up. Great read.

That's it for now - thanks for reading and see you guys in live training on Wednesday!

- Felix