I wake up, it is Saturday morning, January 11. From my bed I can look straight into a clear blue sky. No clouds to be seen anywhere, but there is a little frost on the rooftops around. My wife turns to me and smiles. This is going to be a good day.

After breakfast I start my computer and hit the country channel for some feelgood tunes and while looking over my monitors into that clear blue sky again and the sunbathed trees. I get this feeling of wanderlust. I think there is something to what people call a winter depression. I really miss the warm days with cloudless skies, the sun, people in a good mood and the green trees of the city park.

I start browsing for cheap flights to Vegas and good hotel prices...that city is calling me again. After being forced to quit my last trip I feel that there is unfinished business to take care of. My bankroll is lying all alone and locked up in a safe deposit box waiting to be picked up again...

Week 2

My current grind consists of about 75% 100NL with a few shots on 200NL when I am in the right mindset and when tables are good. I usually start my sessions by firing up 2 Zoom tables and gradually mix in regular tables as I find them. At 200NL I sometimes stick to Zoom only since it can get tough during the day to find great games.

What makes me feel good about my grind is that I have stuck to all my resolutions until now. On a daily basis, I keep playing 2 hour sessions max. and I keep working on my game with HM analysis of both my opponent's and my own play, videos, reading, hand analysis etc. This has helped me beating 100NL since the start of December which I am really happy about.

What makes me feel not so good about my grind is that I did encounter some difficulties with asserting myself at 200NL. Often times I would grind out 20 stacks at 100NL only to drop 10 at 200, rinse and repeat. I am pretty sure that aside from misplays and a fair bit of runbad the skill difference and a certain mental barrier contribute to my bad performance here. I have missed out on play at these stakes for over half a year and need to work my way back into how the games play now. Having split up my BR last year for my Vegas trips hasn't helped my cause too much either. So I will keep grinding it out at 100NL, taking my shots whenever I feel time and roll are telling me to. 

I won't give up, and will keep working hard at overcoming this barrier to finally stay up there again. Even though my main focus is still on the fun in grinding and in improving my game steadily, there is some unfinished business to take care of.

Hand Of The Week

Today's hand is from a Zoom table. Villain is marked as a weaker player and plays 37/16/3 on a short 86 hand sample. Do you call/fold/shove turn?

That's it for now.

I will keep looking for a good opportunity to head over to Vegas in February or March cause I can hardly wait that long for sommer to roll in. If anyone of you is there during that period drop me a comment or message. I will be happy to meet up there for a beer, talk some poker and get some hands in at the tables.

See you all at my next live training class!

Thanks for reading.

- Felix