Dear PSO members,

I will be running my recently introduced member review series on a regular basis now every other wednesday night at 15:00 E.T.

This week I will be reviewing a 2NL 6-Max cashgame session played by POS-member Dr.Kauffer!

You can sign up here, its absolutely free for PSO members:


Member Reviews: 2NL feat. Dr. Kauffer         
Please do submit any hand histories of your most recent tough 6-max no limit cashgame decisions for review during my upcoming sessions! I will need the original PokerStars hand history in text version which you can either receive through your tracking software (HEM or PT3) or the PS client (instant hand history or request hand histories).

Send submissions via PM here or to xflixx [at]

Thanks and hope to see you on wednesday nights in my sessions!