Hey all,

this month I managed to play only slightly more than 13K hands and am up a decent amount. My overall winrate this year is better than the years before so I can't complain at all. I feel I have improved on a lot of parts of my overall game that I felt were really tough to handle for me in the past - especially against some tougher opponents.

However, I stll have a lot of work to do and lots to learn. Reviewing sessions and talking about hands with some of my buddies helps me the most while trying to improve.

I got a number of very kind emails from PSO members regarding my PSO trainings and I am glad everyone seems to like them! Many of you also send in hand histories for review in upcoming Live Training sessions so stay tuned for those, and thanks to everyone that sent some - keep em coming (you can either post them here in my feedback thread or send them via PM to PSO-xflixx).

I hope to do more and more sessions with you guys in such an interactive manner since it helps on both sides - it makes it easier for me to find topics and spots to talk about in live training and it hopefully helps you as players with your tough decisions in the future.

I'll close this month's post with an interesting spot I had some days ago against a player who is a decent winning reg, but more on the fullring tables - which actually made it a little more difficult for me to estimate his most likely handrange. The other players involved in this hand were rather weak loose passives.

Would you call or fold this?

Good luck at the tables everyone, and hope to see you next wednesday in live training when I will review 2NL 6-Max hands from PSO user zeo101!