Hi PSO'ers,

first I would like to thank all of those who keep visiting live training here at PSO. It has been a greast first month for me here as a new trainer at PSO and I am glad to work with you guys, both co-trainers and users!

If you have any questions or feedback regarding my sessions or future trainings feel free to post in the FAQ thread I created here.

July poker performance

So just a quick wrap up of my poker achievements in July. Unfortunately I have not been able to put in the volume that I would have liked to. At least I managed to make my required amount of 7500 VPPs per month to remain Supernova for August. I will have to grind out around 24k more VPPs until end of September to remain Supernova. Here's my results this month:

I have been trying to work on my game a little harder than before and it paid off already I feel. I will keep reserving about 1 hour each day for training myself, doing session reviews as well as some throrough reading and hand discussion with other players at or even above my stakes. I think this will pay off not only resultswise but also for training/coaching purposes (e.g. with you guys ).

I dont have any more funny or interesting hands to share right now, but I will post another update in August as soon as I do

Keep grinding, good luck at the tables and hopefully see you all in LIVE TRAINING!