Hey all,

it's been over a week since my last update, so here's a real quick one.

Due to coaching and other work related stuff I haven't had much time to put in decent volume. I managed to play about 8k hands this month and I'm up about 5 stacks which is a nice result overall. I have also been playing some live poker at my local casino in Dortmund at the €2,5/€5 level and was quite successful there. I plan to get in some more hours of live poker each weak from now on since it has been a lot of fun.

Solution to last week's hand of the week:

I think it is a clearcut fold, and I did fold. The only reason you could find for calling would be all the deadmoney put in by the weaker players. However, I also think that the EP Opener who is a very solid winning reg at my stakes will be never light here and his range will always be AK, QQ+ in that spot. If I run some pokerstoving on different scenarious I will end up with somewhere around 22% equity which will not be sufficient to call it off. I folded, opener had AK, I would have sucked out on everyone (AJ and 77) with two lovely Queens on the flop :-D

Hand of the week:

In this hand I was playing vs a very weak player who was making far too loose calls pre and postflop. I made a somewhat debatable overbet on the river since I thought he would call me with a straight and it would be unlikely for him to have a lot of higher flushes once he checks the river to me. It was a big surprise to see him slowplay the straight all the way up until the point where he made the biggest mistake of calling:

I actually thought I would have been good with my Jack from the turn on, didn't feel like I needed to make the flush...how wrong I was^^

That's it for this week, see you all next week in live training!