Hey all,

just a quick update on my performance this week:

Things are now going in the right direction. Since at some daytimes that I choose for playing the games are not particularly good I have started adding some 100NL and even 50NL to be able to get some volume in. I still have another 36 stacks to win before moving up to 400NL so that will be a lot of work ahead.

Hand of the week:

I had a quite interesting spot where I wasn't sure of the correct play while I was at the table. Maybe you guys have some input for me on this. The opener is a very solid, good winning regular who I have never seen out of line so far. The other two guys seem to be very loose and aggressive preflop, but no other specific reads on them.

Would you call or fold this?

See you on wednesday night @live training or until next time,