Hey guys,

I just wanted to sit down to play another session of 200NL 6-max on a normal wednesday afternoon but realized that the games were pretty dry and I wasn't in my A-game state of mind. This can be a dreadful combination especially when you are not running as well as I was the first days of july

So I thought I might as well give you a short update on my performance this first week and also get back on the hand from my last post.

First of all I want to thank all of you for your elaborate feedback, I really appreciate it. There were quite good analyses going on with that river decision, thanks for all your input!

My thoughts in this hand:

  • on the turn villain might check/raise some value hands that beat me like   and boats.
  • since I feel he is a loose player he can also have a lot of in his range that I beat
  • villain could also be able to bluffraise such a dry board some % of the time

Since I do not want to valuecut myself by getting it in on the turn which would fold out all his potential bluffs, it's a clear call on the turn also given the great odds/implied odds I get.


The river now is the tricky spot of the hand because villain overbets. I beat some and a bluff, but even some "bluffs" might have improved like or . also drew out on me and my decision here is really tough without further reads on his aggression or bluffing frequencies. A fold would thus have been quite ok I guess.

However, whenever I am in a spot against a perceived weaker player which I do not have any specific reads on I tend to call much more often in close spots since I think there is still a reasonable chance villain will play weaker and bluffs some % of the time and I have a lot of money already invested into this pot with a very strong hand out of my top range here.

Ok, enough words now, you all waited for the solution: Villain showed the good old

Given that he did show up with such a weak preflop holding I would assume he would play any other exactly the same way and added with a small bluffing % my call should be alright though not as highly +EV without reads. I would even say a fold is ok too since the spot is so close given the overbet on the river. However, I would be folding here a lot against a player whom I perceive to be more competent and solid. Those guys select better hands preflop to call with and thus produce much stronger hands on a board like that. There wouldn't be a lot of 96/94/93/92 in their range in the first place.

First week of july

Nothing spectacular happened so far and I did not manage to win the big 200bb+ pots yet so I'll just give you my graph. My new adaptions did create some higher variance spots and that is quite well reflected in my first few session results:

...and here's a hand which I thought to be very funny regarding the screenname of my opponent:

I think he chose a wise screenname, didn't he?

Until next week or onve of the upcoming wednesday sessions,