Hey guys,

since I will be doing my weekly 6-max NL Cashgame training session with you here at PSO, I liked the idea of opening a blog on my newly created PSO account to get in touch with you all a little closer. That way you can get to know me better and I can keep track of my online game.

For those of you who don't know me at all here's a small resumee of my poker background as well as links to my recorded training sessions. If you have any feedback, ideas, criticism or questions regarding my sessions please do post in the feedback thread!

...on to my new blog

In 2010 I started and finished my bankroll building/blogging project over at the German community of PSO (which is called IntelliPoker and for which I also do regular trainings). I grinded an $80 deposit throughout the different limits up to a bankroll for 100NL, but did not continue the project due to lack of time for grinding/posting. 

This month I have started to pick up the grind on my regular stakes, which is 200NL. I would love to try finally grinding up through the midstakes as well and use this blog to document my progress. My personal bankroll management for this purpose will not be as conservative as it used to be. Following my own BRM suggestions I set up for the IntelliPoker community I will be starting with 40 stacks and move up once I get to 40 stacks of the new level.

I won't be having a lot of free time to spend on grinding besides my regular job, doing trainings, private coachings, and of course spending time with my wife I will however try to update the blog frequently after an interesting session or a good/bad week at the tables.

Enough of this, let's get into the action

For now I only have a graph to share with you reflecting my performance this month:

I can tell you, I have gone through a hell of a roller coaster going up all the way right at the start of the month just to be knocked down again. Rinse, repeat, and try to end up on top at the end. But that's just the way Poker is on a level with aggressive and tougher villains especially when they will be willing to give and take a lot of preflop heat.


Variance can be huge and since I have been tinkering a lot with new strategies and lines I might even have forced it a little harder on me than usual this time. I am still not quite sure where my new game plan will lead me, but I want to give it a shot and keep going even when it might give me some unpleasant setbacks like the ones you can see in the graph.


Still the overall result is quite nice, and I'll close this very first blog with an interesting spot I had:

Villain in this hand was a very loose player and seemed to make a lot of postflop mistakes. I did not have any specific reads on him however. What do you guys think? Call or fold? I will give the result of this hand in my next blog.

Hope to see you in an upcoming training session on wednesdays!