Hello Everyone,

Congratulations to the following PSO members who each won a ticket to the May 'Big Bang' $5,000 freeroll just for playing #PlayMyHand

zzaAKirr, CHILLI 2 U, HAPPYSAP, Paul7036, strahilius, PokerIggy, Stitches_Mtl, thirsyFTW, TrustySam, glenn161274,73REX73, powerdegre, Roland GTX, GamblingProp, HokyPokyToo,,, adohole, Fadyen ... well done guys!

I'll post another Play My Hand blog very soon and it could be you that wins a 'Big Bang' ticket next so be sure to play, if you're not in you can't win!

The Prof.

Ok, so what did you say? If you said A) Fold then you're thinking like Tyler, good job!