Hello Everyone, here’s another edition of the Play My Hand series of blogs just for you and I really want to give out some more tickets to the ‘Big Bang’ monthly freeroll to you guys.

If you don’t already know about the Big Bang tournament it’s a monthly freeroll with $5,000 GTD each month. The next one takes place this Saturday, March 9th and the tickets for this tournament have already been credited to the winners from February.

In total 90 PokerSchoolOnline players have received tickets with 30 players getting theirs for making 3 Top 400 finishes in the Open League during February and another 60 getting theirs for writing a Star Blog or taking part in our Play My Hand blogs. So if you want to get your hands on a Big Bang ticket for April here’s three ways in which you can do just that during March.

1) Finish in the Top 400 of the Open League three times in a row during any Month. More details can be found HERE

2) Bring some ‘Bling to your Blogging’ and get featured in our ‘Star Blogs’ article. More details can be found HERE

3) Leave a comment and Tweet any of our ‘Play My Hand’ blogs like this one. You must include the #playmyhand and your PokerStars (username) in brackets when you Tweet this blog using the twitter button above on this page.  Make sure you leave your comment here on the blog telling us how you would play this hand.

So that’s 3 ways in which you can try to earn that exclusive Big Bang ticket for April. Give it your best shot, the Big Bang tourneys offer great value and are welcome bankroll booster to those who get their tickets. I’d love to hear some feedback also from players who have played in the Big Bang so if that’s you drop a comment below letting me know how you got on!

In this ‘Play My Hand’ below Lex Veldhuis has two pair on the turn and has been checked to by what he considers a short stack that is not a regular player, that’s just his read on the opponent at that time.

How would you play this hand? Let us know by leaving a comment below and don’t forget to Tweet this blog after you do using the #playmyhand and your (Username) in brackets. Also 'SUBSCRIBE' to these blogs by hitting the button above and never miss a Play My Hand blog again!

Good luck!

The Prof.