the last month I was thinking quite a lot and finally came to the conclusion to completely quit online poker for good. I am now playing for 8 years and really looking for a change, life goes on and so will I. I will focus on university and (hopefully!) in 1-2 months hopefully be founding my own company. If i get too bored, i might aswell look into trading a little bit deeper, but not sure yet. I will reduce poker to like 1-2 casino visits per month and maybe a few travels to some live series, the Estrellas Valencia HighRoller was kinda nice i gotta admit But PokerStars will probably not see me anymore and this includes all the Live Trainings aswell.
But I won't be completely gone, I will still update my facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/HoRRoR777&nbsp with everything thats going on !
A big thanks to everybody for the nice time!
André (aka HoRRoR)