Another Sunday, but i am still having trouble with my computer, therefore just playing at my laptop and just playing a few tables and not my standard schedule.
Again had a few good runs, but in a field of over 20000 you have to get lucky more than once. So again no bigger cash yet.
Here is the overview:
SCOOP-20-L 27$ 606th 154.09$
Sunday Storm $11 1209th 29.30$ 
The Bigger $11 2545th 25.55$
Bounties: 10$

Session Tourneys: 13
Session Buyins: 243.60$
Session Winnings: 218.94$
Session Profit: -24.66$
Session ROI: -10.12%

(SCOOP-21-Med -210$)

Total Tourneys: 66
Total Buyins: 837.80$
Total Winnings: 726.42$
Total Profit: -111.38$
Total ROI: -13.29%

Saturday gonna play the SCOOP-37-Heads-Up Highroller, really looking forward to it! :wink: