Some of you might have watched me, last Tuesday i ran pretty ok, but still a few rounds away from the big score, finished 17th in the SCOOP Heads-Up for around ~1500$.

Shootout yesterday, in the low i busted kinda early and in the medium (215$ i was running pretty decent. Got Heads-Up with a Chiplead and had a very long Heads-Up. Had my opponent allin several times, e.g. Board was 976, i had KK, he had T6 and got it allin. But couldnt win one of my allins and in the end, everybody was just waiting for my table. Unfortunatly i busted 101th and i am still pis*** about not getting the 770$ and the chance of winning this thing.

Normal NL Holdem Tourney tonight, replacing the Million and still looking for my big hit :wink: