It has been a long coaching yesterday, especially due to the SCOOP, which took roughly 7hours till the money. I just made in close in the money, but went horribly carddead at an active table, so no first in spots and no cards at all

After 6 hours the sound didnt work somehow in the coaching software, after restarting several times i switched to skype and did the end with mr mendes and labs22 in skype, kind of a private coaching :wink:
Though all in all it was no good day for me, all the head up events i busted 1 round before the money or just directly in the money and the other tourneys arent really worth mentioning.
Sadly posting the whole lineup is really taking a lot of time, therefore i am only posting my cashes, since the lineup was the same like last week, just added more tourneys later, since i played way longer.
2.70$ Turbo Knockout ($10k Gtd) - 821th - 3,76$
22$ Heads-Up Turbo - 9-16th - 48,30$
11$ Sunday Storm - 1427th - 56.54$
16.50$ Turbo - 135th - 52.16$ 
8.80$ Turbo - 151th - 15.96$ 
I dont want to split the bounty calculation, therefore, Total Bountys collected: 48$

Session Tourneys: 33
Session Buyins: 368.80$
Session Winnings: 224.72$
Session Profit: -144.08$
Session ROI: -39.13%

(SCOOP-02-Low -27$)
(SCOOP-02-Med: +246,44$)

Total Tourneys: 53
Total Buyins: 594.20$
Total Winnings: 507.48$
Total Profit: -86.72$
Total ROI: -14.59$