First time here for me, some people may even know me, probably most of you guys won't, so i'd like to introduce my self briefly here.

My name is André, 25years young and from Germany.
Started playing Poker in 2005, played Fixed Limit Cashgame up to 10$/20$ and switched to SnGs afterwards, where i grinded 100$-500$ SnGs for a few years, then added tourneys sometime in the past and nowadays kind of play a lil bit of everything, Fullring SnGs, Tourneys (Online & Live) and Heads-Up SnGs.

This Sunday i am giving my debut here on PSO and would like to receive some feedback, cause it's a testsession for me aswell, i am no native speaker, so i'd like to know whether my language skills are sufficient for you guys or whether i have to stick with German Coachings.

Wrapping up my upcoming coaching, i'd like to teach you the Basics of Heads-Up SnGs, which Hands to play, how to play them, Bankroll-Managment etc, so I'll play the lowest avaible HU-SnGs Stakes, which means 1.50$ and will probably start with a regular HU-SnG and will then switch to Turbo HU-SnGs, since i very much prefer them.

So hopefully see ya on Sunday !