Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann has written a Strategy blog post for the PSO community.


Location, Location, Location
That is a saying often heard in real estate.
It describes the three most important factors for the value of a property, especially if used commercially, as a point of sales.
The three most important real estate factors are (you guessed it):
Location, Location, Location.
No Limit Texas Holdem is a lot like the real estate business in that regard.
Here, position is of paramount importance. In fact, the power of position cannot be overestimated. Position is what turns an unprofitable speculative hand into a profitable one and a marginally profitable hand into a big winner.
With position, draws can realize their maximum earning potential.
Position also keeps you from losing more than the minimum when you run your good hands into a monster.
There are a few different types of Position.
1. The position relative to the button.
This is of course determined by the dealer button and ultimately by how many players still act after you. The less players behind you, the better is your position. The button has the strongest possible position. This means, most of your profit should come from playing hands on the button.
Like the great Tommy Angelo says: “He who acts last lasts.”
2. Position on the table
The player to your immediate left has position on you in all hands except when you have the button. That makes him your most dangerous opponent.
You should pick weak opponents to sit on your left as often as you can. In a tournament you cannot choose your seat, but in a cash game you can and should! I have moved seats or tables numerous times (even in one session) to improve my position on the table. So should you.
Try to gain positional advantage on your more competent opponents and keep weak, tight and predictable players on your left.
3. Position relative to the preflop aggressor
 Most of the time you want to act after the preflop aggressor. This means: you should generally tighten up out of the blinds.
Also, you can play many more hands profitably when acting after the aggressor, such as suited connectors, small pairs and weaker broadways.
An exception might develop in a multiway pot. Here it might be advantageous to be to the immediate right of the original raiser, especially if she is prone to keep up the aggression. This way she will conterbet, then the rest of the field will act and you will have the strongest relative position, acting dead last on the flop. Now you can decide what to do after the entire field has reacted to the aggressor’s bet.
So, one (or rather three) of the reasons good players win at poker:
Position, Position, Position
Protect your real estate. Play in position.
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