Hey everyone! I am Ryan "Protentialmn" Laplante. I am a 22 year old professional poker player from the United States who travels to play poker online and live. I have been playing poker professionally for 2.5 years and have played over 25000 mtts life time. I Have been fortunate enough during my career to have already made the final table of 2 WSOP events. Below is is a "Trip Report" I did about my 2nd summer in vegas and my journey to my 2nd FT at the WSOP.

The below TR  has been very well recieved else where and I figured it would be well recieved here also. It tells a lot about me, and gives you a good idea as to who I am. I feel like it is a great introduction for my blog here on the forum and I hope you enjoy it!


There are 11 parts in total to this. If these are well liked I'll spend the time to add and convert the other parts over to this site so they are easily readable.

"Living The Dream"

TL;DR: This is the short version, read it!  

    Ever since I first played poker with my friends in high-school I've been fascinated with the game. Not until my senior year though did I begin to think I could do more with it than just have fun with friends. Ever since my first budding aspirations in the game began I started daydreaming about what it would be like to play in the World Series Of Poker and what it could be like to play this complex alluring game as my profession.
    For the longest time I had thought that my dreams of becoming a professional and playing at the series would be unfulfilled, that they were just pipe-dreams for me and something to keep my mind occupied while I mowed lawns and did other work for my family.

    I never truly thought that I would get to live out those dreams. But, not only have I done that, I have been fortunate enough to surpass them and have life changing experiences that I will never forget.
    I owe all of the above to 2+2 and the people I have been fortunate enough to meet because of the forums. Because of that (and because I don't mind the attention  ^.^ ) I have decided to write this Trip Report, to give others an idea as to what a great summer at the WSOP might be like for them (as much as my paltry writing can do).

********   Part 1   ********
"The Drive"
    In order to get to vegas, my boyfriend Chris and I decided that driving from Milwaukee to Vegas would be a rememberable experience and a great way to start off a long hot summer in the City of Sin.

    The drive ended up being over 2400 miles and involved some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever experienced in my life, and I wish that the vocabulary and writing skills I possess could do it justice.
    Luckily for everyone I don't have to try to make a fool of myself by attempting to describe the amazing beauty we were fortunate enough to see; As we took many pictures, compiled them into a slideshow of the best ones, and added some music; I hope you enjoy it!

(Note: I forgot to extend the time on the 2nd slide, pause there to read basic info about the trip if you desire to.)

Part 1
[youtube link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i08-P_5DLkw"]

Part 2



********  Part 2  ********
"50 Days of Christmas"

Someone once stated that the world series of poker is like "Having 50 days of Christmas"; I couldn't agree more.
The anticipation I felt, not only from myself, but from others in the community, was immense. Twitter and all the forums were bombarded daily with thousands of posts by amateurs, professionals, and legends alike during the days leading up to the first "Shuffle Up and Deal" of the summer.

The World Series Of Poker isn't just a series of poker tournaments. It's the time of the year that poker player's dreams are made by and hopes rely on. Bankrolls are built up and destroyed, legends are made, millionaires are created, and hopes shattered over the course of 7 short weeks.
I know that I'll never stop being excited for the WSOP, and neither should you.

************************************************** *****

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Thanks for reading and best of luck at the tables!