Long Long Long's day of poker, went straight down $10 from the off - I now hate river cards and AA .
After grinding it out for the rest of the day I managed to turn a $2 profit and then I got a nice bonus from the Stellar Awards, putting my end of day roll at $72.

Officially a silverstar now aswell which is very pleasing, slow day but the main thing is I turned a small profit and got a healthy bonus. Will continue tomorrow firing into the 80s hopefully also got a first deposit bonus in 40vpps which will help my roll aswell.

Just to let you know in 4 days playing I have gone from 10cents to $72, what a good start to the challenge, I played a ridiculous amount of poker today. I earned about 200vpps today which was through grinding the 2cnl tables, so a lot of hours been clocked at the moment, will continue on tomorrow soaring towards the $100 mark.