After a very steady start to my session this morning, my bankroll now stands at $56, I have had a good but bad day really, making a few sets and straights, even hit a royal flush for $3. However I lost AA vs KK/QQ/QJ/JJ about 8 times in a row all in preflop which was very annoying! My luck changed when on 1 of my 12 tables I held 99 vs AA and I rivered a 9. Straight after on another table AA vs KK and I managed to finally win one! Then the rest of the session was pretty good until the end when I lost about $3 straight. 

Got a $10 bonus coming up in 225vpps which will also give me my silverstar so im happy about that (hopefully get this tomorrow or Monday). Going to play another hour before I go to bed now and see how it goes for me. Progress is looking good and it seems years away since I was grinding the 2c hyperturbos! I am going to look into playing some SnG's soon aswell but at the moment fishing is going well in the micro limits (1c/2c NLHE 6 max). 

Will post tomorrow hopefully, good luck at the tables all!