Hi, it's me again ProJK



I need to earn 24k VPPs to reach Supernova this year so I set myselfe few challenges. You can follow them on my forum topic:"My road from 2NL to Supernova and more " I'm posting there my graph and everything interesting every day.

Here is a link: 



1.  I will earn 500 VPPs every day from October 27 till December 1. Which means that I will earn 17500 VPPs and will need only 6.5k more to reach Supernova.


2. Micro Millions stars on November 6 so I will play as many as I can and will tray to top the leaderboard. I know that is a big goal but I'm always dreaming big


3. Season 2 qualifiers for Shark Cage starts from November 3 so I will try to do that too. There will be tournaments every day in which if you are in top 20 you can send video audition for a show. I will link my audition video if I make in top 20


4. I find out for league system this month so qualified for Premier League and will play that in November too. Hope I will earn some money there too, and ofc I'm dreaming big and will set my goal on Top 20 in Premier League


That is it for November. I will play some sattelites and Spin&Gos and will post results too, but mostly will play cash. Everything else is only for fun


I hope you will track my progress on forum. That will be great motivation for me. 

If you have some questions send me a message or add me on facebook(Jure Kvartuč).

Till next time.