In this blog I want to share my life road from the first day I fell in love with poker. I also want to share my experience, my success and my failures. I want to encourage more people to start playing and enjoy poker. Also I will post my graphs, HUD and everything You are interested in. I want to help new players because I started on my owne with help of few of my friends and it was extremely heavy.


I am Jure "ProJK" Kvartuč from Croatia. I have 24 years and only thing I do for living is poker. Croatia is very conservative country and it is hard to explain someone how can I live from "gambling". I want to learn people in Croatia and wider that poker is game of skill and not gambling. I also want to learn people how to play the game and become good. 


Where I am today?

I am so close to reach SuperNova status and I have big plans for future. 


So how all that begin...

On collage 3 years ago I started to play poker live in home games. I fell in love with the game fast and started to learn. Soon I was better than my friends and we continue to play. After some time we went on live games in casino. I was profitable there too so I deposit some money on PokerStars, 50$ I think. Was playing 2NL, 5NL and 10NL, wasn't caring about bankroll management. At the bigining it was good but I become greedy and soon my account balance was 0$. Thought a bit about what I did and told myself that next time when I deposit money will only play 2NL and move up when I have enough money to do so. A year has passed and I learned a lot so told myself that I'm ready to deposit and give another shot. I deposited 20$ and never deposite again.


If you people want to read my life story, if you want to learn I will continue to write on this blog.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Till next time.