Ok seems a bit early for another post but before i go to work i thought i should write down how i am currently doing and what my findings are.

Lately i have been playing the open league with keeping track of ( Jellyfish999 ) and chatting with him a bit hes in the top 5 of the rankings.

What i found funny was that he doesnt plays any hand at all and overall finishes about place 900-1800.

I however dont like the fact to blind out and die and get about 10 points only (in his case he sometimes even gets minus points hihi), So i did copycat his style but with taking some risks and it works i have been beating him in several tourneys 5 times in a row. Playing really Tight and only go with hands like AK suited or off AA KK QQ JJ calling only 1-2 BB with pairs hoping to hit a set. What is a big difference in my game as i like to play is the time tanking (using almost every second i can) ussually ill go nuts and bored but now its a part of my game in the open league its almost a must if you want to get higher in the ranks.

My current rank as i am writing this is 143 thats a big difference since my last post where i was 1100 so my goal is currently reached <The top 500> for the premier league.

But im getting greedy and i want more so i am going to try to get in the top 20 this month, doing what i have been doing and hopefully it will pay me off. In my next post ill try to get some hands i have been playing in tournaments.

How are you playing your game in the Skill league? Im open to listen to both stories from open skill and premier skill league.