Here’s a lesson in not colour coding villains your preferred fishigespieler colour on the basis of a small sample or isolated incident.


It gives me a large sense of wellbeing and a small amount of entitlement tilt to see players I have tagged of being dubious quality in SCOOP-H events. The guy who finished last in SCOOP-11-H I have with a green label after we shared a table in the 4max micromillions that I FT bubbled. He probably earnt his label after not cbetting a paired board and calling turn and river with A high which seemed nitty(flop)/spewy(river) versus villain in question. Fishigespieler story checks out on that one.

Let’s go back in time to the WCOOP Challenge Sunday Million in March. There was a then unknown to me who second hand of the tourney doubled a 170bb stack when he called a river shove with turned straight versus villains rivered flush A little while later with his 30bb stack he checked a turn cbet spot with improved equity and called a villain’s river bluff with King high (villain had ace high ). This villain earnt himself a green ring. All sounds reasonable right?

Fastforward to part way through SCOOP-08-H and PSO sage ArtysmokesPS is reeling off names who have made it through to round 3 of that heads up affair. SCOOP is good because you can follow heroes in big money versions of low money events you busted out hours previously. Amongst Annette Obrestad, Toby Lewis, Timoshenko, Chris Moneymaker ( me too) I spotted a player still in and tagged green by yours truly. The conversation went:

Profess Awe: “There’s a fish still in, cal42688”
ArtySmokes PS: “Calvin Anderson is a fish? He’s the world’s number 1”
Profess Awe: “Oops

I don’t know what’s worse, that I don’t know Calvin Anderson’s stars name or that I am willing to assume the guy who was #1 in MTTs on Pocketfives on 8 occasions in 2013 is a fishigespieler on account of a couple of dubious Sunday Million hands. Needless to say I have added to my notes, but think I will keep the colour for lols.


However, next time I am tempted to reach for the green I will at least consider whether villain may have over $5m in online MTT winnings.