Amongst questions like when was the last time you actually final tabled an MTT, my students often ask me whether I have any poker theory to my name. Not wishing to disappoint I head to my refrigerator and pour a nice glass of my favourite juice, while telling them about a satisfying move that is good for you and often pulp free, Check To in Juice, #yummy





Essentially this theory does exactly what it says on the label, you check to induce your opponent to put money in with worse. Much better says I to check and give villain the opportunity to represent something or believe his/her hand to be stronger, than to c-bet ourselves and get put in a tricky spot when called or raised. Here are some examples of checking to induce in action:

In case you cant see the mucking: Hand 1 villain mucked     Hand 3 villain mucked     Hand 4 villain mucked 

There you go, tasty both in cash and MTTs. Drink responsibly.