In the past MicroMillions has not really been my idea of fun. Negotiating through the majority of five figure fields takes a fair amount of skill and a lot of luck. Going deep has often seen me one tabling a $5 MTT in the middle of the night – not something I like to make a habit of. But, it is hard to pass up the opportunity to play against villains who do this:

However, recently I have been grinding 10NL zoom while playing MTTs with some success, so I knew I had this to help avoid demoralising one tabling situations. I also considered playing all 100 tournaments, as that kind of challenge interests me greatly. However, work got in the way of that one. But because I was very much compelled to donate to the Haiyan Typhoon Relief through Pokerstars who are matching donations made by players, I decided that half of any MicroMillions winnings would go to Haiyan! This really motivated me.

Got off to a good start in event 3 with a deep run and cash for $28.10. Couldn’t resist the fun of an ante up tourney, although busted for just $7.84 after 4.5 hours of play. Biggest cash of series came in event 33 one of those silly turbo affairs, got near top 100 for $88.65, ran very well, would have liked to run a little better deep when AK<AQ. MM78 was a 6max and should have been best chance of going really deep, but blinds caught up with me and only 206th for $64.86, but that took the cashes to $195.46, so a pleasing near $100 to ship to Haiyan fund:

Hello Profess Awe,

We have transferred USD 97.73 from your account to 'Typhoon Fund' as per your request.

Good luck to you both.
PokerStars Cashier

That pleases me more than having a profitable series and a nice 69.5% ROI. But then thanks to the kind of players MicroMillions attracts, a decent ROI is very achievable if you can avoid the donkey kicks like this:

Congrats to others who had deep finishes. Hopefully some of the more fun events could make their way into the new schedule – for me the 4max 4xchance and the progressive super knockout stood out.

Next up Stars.FR have their version of MicroMillions starting December 8th and am considering playing all 50 events and definitely will be putting winnings towards the Haiyan relief tourneys on that site. I guess I have found some motivation for playing small buy in, big field events