A word to the wise – account security.

After EPT Barcelona was tarnished with a currently ongoing and well documented laptop hacking controversy in the hotel arts, I have found myself a similar victim of something rather suspicious but of course on a much smaller scale. No need to name the site in question (it is not Pokerstars) as my message is one of warning, rather than avoid that site.

In brief, last week I got several emails with username reminders and password reset requests from one of my poker sites that I of course had not asked for. Peculiar, but I was willing to consider that it was just their incompetent support dept pushing the wrong button … I sent an email saying why are you sending this to me? They sent one back saying don’t worry it was an error. Then I get more of them, so I email again and this time a different support rep takes it more seriously and has blocked my account while the security team fully investigate it!

I would not be surprised if it turns out to be incompetent support or a glitch, but given I have $1500 on there, it has made me consider whether I ought to be doing more to protect my money online (short answer I should). So my advice, which I have not been adhering to up til now, is to have different passwords across different accounts. Having the same password for your email account and poker account is making things very easy for someone who can get into your emails!
Others advise having separate email addresses for each poker and banking account you hold, I don’t think I am going to go that far – that would be a lot of different email addresses for me – likewise a recreational baller like myself cannot really justify a separate poker only computer. However, these are the kind of things you should be considering if you had significant amounts online.


To reiterate this was not Pokerstars and experience suggests this kind of thing would be far less likely to happen here. But it is better to be safe than sorry, I have been changing a lot of passwords since Friday!