5th and final post summarising key hands from a coaching session that is here. Blog 1 if you find yourself at the end without reading the beginning is here.

~02:11:00 ATs

Not too often that you get a spot where you can argue all options. Although if we call and SB shoves and opener calls then we are compelled to call and rarely are looking good. Villain is raising 20% from early position but has not folded to the three 3bets thus far, 4 betting one. So still tricky. I hope Andre is joking re 5 bet shoving!

~02:12:00 AA

While villain has a good stack to 3 bet from and therefore is bluffing a fare amount, we have no hands on him. It is also a good size to flat with AA and KK knowing that stack to pot is such that it is easily going in and we should get a cbet if he does have air. Given this I think calling flop is best to allow him to bluff again.

~02:16:00 99

Impressing Andre with a sick fold! Too often I think I am behind when BB check raises the flop, strongly leaning towards him having a 7.

~02:17:00 33

I make the flop bet deliberately small to allow villain to come back over the top, when he does there is more than enough in the pot that I am happy taking it down if he is on air. But wow at 75! 5 bet shoving with TPNK and a gutshot cant be good here!

~02:19:00 JJ

Andre bests me at hand reading, I know that TT and AQ may not always 3bet here, but still put them in the cbet range to justify a call This reminds me I need to put cbet in 3bet pot stats on my HUD pop up.

~02:21:00 AA

I see the suggestion of checking back the flop as it does not hit villains range in any way, I expect that pairs would have 4 bet shoved, so I am expecting high cards and slow played monsters. If I do cbet it should be 60k to give illusion of fold equity. CBet sizing is awful.

~02:22:00 AQs

The button looks to be a good LAG, but only 40 hands on him. So yes could be a monster, but we get the outcome we wanted, just ran into better.

~02:23:00 JJ The end!

I think I have always been a bit results orientated over this hand, we are 29 hands into day 2 and I came back with 20bb, thanks to AQ>AT we are slightly over 20bb after the blinds raise and we have just cracked the top 100 of a tourney with a quarter of a million up top! I really do not think the 3 bet is necessarily strong. We have a laggy opener who is playing 41/24/6 who has limped, min raised, 4x, shipped 30bb effective over an open and has folded to both 3 bets faced and the guy who 3 bets has 35bb and puts in 20% of his stack. I think we have fold equity and I think at times we take this down preflop because there are times that both villains are wide. I think this is very important, because without reads it looks like a horrible spot where it is close between shove and fold and we have to assume that AQs is a 3 bet/fold for villain etc. But given the dynamic of the possible maniac open I think the 3 better may well be going with AQ and 99+ versus him and this may not change when we ship, although Andre does not think so for AQ. We have to go with our hand because so much is out there and we assume we get a few folds and called by a range where we have 40% and hope that we run into AK, which happens but with no luck this time. Even though we have not invested a dime when the action reaches us, folding is incorrect given reads on players, I think the shove is +EV after considering folds we get and equity versus calling range.

I know I ran hot in the tourney, I would expect each pocket pair around 3 times in the 726 hands and got AA 8 times for a net win of 228bb! Also ran a bit ridiculous with sets 10/39 times that had and played pocket pairs! I will expect the same if not better from this year’s WCOOP
There were a few errors like hands that should/should not have been opened, but nothing catastrophic really. I definitely picked up a few concepts that I have been incorporating into my tourney game, like bluffing at monochrome flops, aggressive action in multiway pots and bet sizing. The biggest thing I took from it was being impressed at the ease with which Andre puts villains on their ranges. It is very noticeable that it takes me a few seconds and Andre a split second. Maybe I am quicker while actually playing, but it is a definite goal to get quicker and more automatic with my hand reading.

So since the coaching session my tourney results have improved, I dont think there are too many occasions that I can remember actively thinking I would do something differently because of the training, aside from a few cbets I would not have made previously. However, I have been hand ranging better since the session, so I am sure the coaching has helped. Regardless I am still very thankful to Andre and PSO for the opportunity! I notice Andre's MTT results have also improved recently I wonder if he thinks the session helped him at all?

Keep track of Andre and Me as we update on our 2013 challenges. We both have a way to go, but I hope we will be smiling at the end of the year.