4th part of 5 posts recapping the key hands discussed during a coaching session with the legendary Portugese Man of War acoimbra. Video is here, earlier posts are somewhere near this very blog.


Onwards we are in the money in a WCOOP 215 looking to grind up a 30bb stack.

~01:40:00 JT river spot

I feel like villain has a few Qx in his range meaning thin value probably is not our friend here. Also with four to a straight and paired board he may not pay off with worse always. Interestingly Andre comes around to my suggestion of betting because I could have busted flush draw, but we are only looking for calls from AJ, KJ, KT I don’t feel like much else would hero there. So prefer the check back.

~01:43:00 JTs 4 bet shove

I only have 30 hands on villain, but he has 3bet out of the blinds twice. Everything thus far suggests LAG + I have a nice stack and a nice hand to 4 bet jam – should get all dominating hands to fold. Of course I hope for a fold as I have 35% vs the range I thought would call. But before I get the calculator out it is worth a look at what he calls with … It seems I am not relying on a ton of folds if he is going to call hands that are a dog!

~01:45:00 AKo another 4bet jam

I would hope that after the last hand I would easily get calls from AQ, but unfortunately I have to rely on a kind river, but after those two I think we are safely above average.

~01:48:00 99 fold

I had already been guilty of not making a call pre versus a strong range and again here I have the odds to set mine, I also think my flat would look strong to players behind.

~01:49:00 88

Here I think it makes best sense to set mine, knowing that sometimes we may have the best hand on certain flops. Certainly wouldn’t like 4 bet/fold. There are a lot of turn cards that either kill my action or may put villain ahead if I just call the c-bet. Also the raise would set up a nice turn shove if he did call. Finally I think now tourney is deeper his 60% pot cbet suggests some strength. I would like a slightly smaller raise to give more illusion of fold equity to villain who did want to shove.

~01:52:00 AK

I think I make and was making an error in thinking in terms of villains having 40+bb and not giving me action with AQ if I 4 bet, whereas Andre points out there is at least a quarter of villains stacks out there, so worth going after. I don’t know if I agree that the initial raiser is folding TT if I repop to say 25k, but I do think he will be all in or fold with all but slow played monsters. So I like the 4bet here, although I do wonder what he makes such a small 3bet with? It looks like a pretty good but not great hand and that is what we see on the river. 4bet should have taken it down.

~01:57:00 JQs

With 12 clean outs and potentially 6 more I should really be looking to get it in on this flop, but I think I was guilty of thinking I don’t want to flip if villain does have a hand that he would get it in with and lose the big stack I built, whereas I should really think that a 400k stack would be sweet! Andre makes a good point that my tablemates have not seen many showdowns from me and no flop 3bets have gone to showdown so they may think I am active and capable of bluffing with far less. When villain calls the float I feel like he has quite a lot of Tx 99, 77 and a few 8x, but as Andre points out there are not so many tens left in the deck by the river. I like the idea of putting him on a narrow capped range and therefore the shove would have worked, but is braver than I am! The river bet does not achieve much at all and is a waste of an important 18bb. Worse than that I raise the flop and I think I can get him off Q8 either on flop, turn or river (where shove would have been a good option)

~02:01:00 KQ

I wonder if 7.5 hours into the tournament by hand reading skills are wearing out, Andre capably puts villain on a range, I am pretty sure I was betting the turn because villain did not cbet.

02:04:00 AQ

This is simply here to reinforce the difference in play with stack size, here with over 100bb I am happy 3 betting AQ and applying pressure. However, I think this should still be the case if I was on 50bb.

02:07:00 A8s

I skipped over some winning but not that interesting hands. Here it is worth clarifying that the reason I am not opening is because I don’t want an awkward decision if the button shoves.

02:08:00 JdQd

I am guilty of pretty and redeeming hand syndrome here. I could win a pot with the hand that cost me a while back. We still have the stack size issue of the SB, so even though the opener is wide from early position, better to fold in this position. And annoyingly after I fold A7s because of shorties behind, I now have to call with QJs.

~02:09:00 AT

Villain was the guy who flatted the 3 bet with KJ that won earlier. He has been passive pre so I think a raise would have been better.

~02:10:00 A5

This one is interesting, I assume that I am raising happy to call off versus the 16bb stack in the SB. If he shoves 25% then it looks like we are winning 44% and needed odds of 41%. True that I do not need to risk 15% of my stack but it is an EV play that I am happy to make.

Monday for the final segment.