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On with the next half hour:

~37:00 QQ

The point I try to make is that we havent got enough info at this time on villain to know if he is polarising the donk bet or protecting a weakish hand. But on looking again the stack size is awkward, if we raise we are going with the hand and are we losing value from Tx, 7x, 88-99 that may find a fold after a protective donk, whereas we may get more from them by calling?
Anyway this hand turned out well, as it was presumably a polarised donk, although villain should surely have sized turn to shove the river.

41:00 AA

The key here is the river, although it looks like a great card, it likely decreases the size of value bet I can make. That said the villain in question was a bit of a calling station, so I think that explains the larger than normally would in this spot bet size. I would normally bet a third pot on river there.

42:00 Q9o

I agree that fold pre is better, you need a plan for taking away the pot when it misses on some boards and I don’t really think I have that. Also I fold a reasonable flop for the hand, but still one that could smack the villain in position.

43:00 AA again

By now I think we come to realise that I am running very well in this tourney! Here I think the reason I make it 3x is because the guy is likely to call wide given previous hands he played – he folds to 3 bet 20% of the time :O I should probably make it more!

~ 44:00 Andre suggests opening JQo from mid position as going to get calls from J9-JT, QTo. Also villains will let us know if we are crushed.

~44:00 Interesting spot with TT

Unfortunately even though Andre and I agree that squeeze is good and we are happy getting it in with the short stack, I call! Post flop is standard, although the hand probably worked out better than had we squeezed.

~45:00 QQ

Andre talks through the villain’s range, which is unlikely to contain a king, very well. I also think KJ would raise the flop. I bet turn to try and get value from a jack, I think that TT calls and we are only worried about J9, K9 (maybe) and 99. I think I check river as I don’t see myself getting 3 streets from worse hands, given the lack of draws out there I don’t think he is bluffing the river often enough to make the call profitable, although we only need to be right 24% of the time, but it turns out to be a good check call. But then Andre points out that there aren’t that many value hands we expect him to take that line and then bet river, the *****d hands I think this villain cant help but raise, so really difficult to see a hand that makes sense as a value bet on river.

~50:00 AQo

Interesting that Andre thinks this hand is awkward whereas I see that he could be raising from BB with a weaker ace so call pre quite happily. I also think pretty standard to peel one on flop, but turn bet from villain looks strong.

~51:00 AQo again

Given villains stats open 28% from MP, call 3 bets wide I think a 3 bet is much better. Also as Andre said earlier, just calling invites others along. He doesn’t cbet too much so at least he is likely to be more honest than most postflop. Given that he cbets flop 45% it makes the turn fold easier, it does look strong. On the turn the only hand that we are ahead of that I think bets is AJ as I don’t think this villain is betting KJ, KQ etc on flop. It turns out he has AJ, but I like the fold given his range. It looks like we would have lost a big pot anyway! Our friend Henry definitely lost value on the river.

~55:00 KK facing a sicko shove

I prefer a smaller turn bet as that might give Asx more of an excuse to shove, also I think AsK, AsJ, As8, JJ are all possible so it is not as tough as it first seems. Of course villain can have a flush but we fill up on the river so that would not matter
It is a terrible shove from the villain, full stop.

~57:00 44 faces squeeze

Andre is a great coach, while playing I would feel I am getting implied odds to set mine and call without thinking about what a loose squeezing range would look like as Andre asks. I think the loosey is wider than Andre believes; I also think he squeezes with quite a few aces (I know I would!). So he could hit the flop. Not that we found out. I like the idea of bluffing the flop, but not an A high one. Also prefer a bit of backdoor equity, rather than underpair.

~59:00 J8s 3bet versus the wrong player

Andre provides the odds and above I mentioned that this guy does not fold to 3 bets much, so I don’t know what I was thinking – probably not thinking about the opener, but thinking it is a good spot! Amazingly it works!!

~1:00:00 Andre notices the UTG openers holding (JT) which means that we could have called pre with KJ. Also makes me think that either I should be taking notes more or I should be investing in notecaddy!

~1:01:00 Andre doesn’t spot a raise fold with 85o + I don’t like completing with 89o versus UTG min raise. I know I do not try to take it away often enough.

~1:03:00 J8o

Villain missing value again. Andre notes that if this player is not making thin value bets then he must have a lot of bluffs on the river when he does bet, hence the call with QQ earlier seems more and more correct.

~01:03:00 JJ

Flop set and same villain clicks back the cbet. When I click it back again, you can tell that Andre thinks it should be bigger as I am likely giving a lot of draws good odds to make it, whereas I thought it might give draws more opportunity to ship wider with 9k in the pot. Don’t really like my check on the turn, prefer another small bet, again allowing villain to ship draws. Definitely prefer a check on the river, if I think that it is likely he was drawing. Misplayed hand, even if it was a nice pot.


Part 3 tomorrow!