I was lucky enough to win a coaching session with André for writing the previous blog post.


This evening we went through my hand histories from a 2012 WCOOP tourney where I made Day 2.

I am very grateful to André for taking 2hours 15minutes out of his busy schedule to coach me and of course to PokerSchoolOnline for putting on such a great competition.

It was really useful to go through some tricky spots and André is a fine coach - I was tired after all the thinking he made me do!

The video of the session is here, but I will also pull out some of the key information and share it in blog posts or in my goals thread.

I definitely think I picked up some useful tips on betting out in multiway pots, hand ranging (I still suck a bit) and making a note of opponent tendencies. I hope some day soon I'll be able to do these things as quickly and easily as André does.

So I would definitely recommend taking a shot at whatever the task is to win the third and final coaching session, it will be announced here tomorrow.



I believe the best Phil Hellmuth quote won me the coaching, now that I am not competing I present the worst PH quote:

"If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time." - Phil Hellmuth