Hey André, Profess Awe here, I’d be extremely grateful for some coaching because:

I have not had any individual coaching before and am sure it would be more useful than the group coaching I have taken part in elsewhere, which was never very helpful for my game.

I think this is great timing as I need something to focus me back toward grinding online after returning from Vegas.

I have some ambitious goals for the year (see here) and after a recent $1k MTT downswing, I need all the help I can get toward these goals, particularly my own $10k profit challenge, which of course cannot compare to your noble $100k quest.

I play cash and MTTs (mainly FR) so we could focus on a few things: ~20BB MTT play, bet sizing in cash games, 3 bet out of position spots, river call/fold decisions. Any one of these would be useful, or just reviewing some hands.

I keep my challenge thread and blog up to date on pokerschoolonline, so if I was lucky enough to get the coaching I would look to share what I learn with my compadres at PSO, that way it is not just me who benefits.


Poker is 100% skill and 50% luck – Phil Hellmuth