The ability to fast fold before your turn, means you see loadz more hands



Nope, we see more hands because we don’t have to watch others playing post flop when we fold, this is the critical difference. Yeah you see more if you also fast fold, but anyone playing 3 plus tables surely isn’t fast folding, but they are seeing a huge number of hands because when they fold on their turn they are in a new hand immediately.


Everyone is tighter

Nope, if it is true that the games are a bit tighter then the way to adjust and take advantage is to play a little looser. Well actually I see a decent proportion playing a lot loose at FR NL25, fortunately most get out of the way when shown resistance. That said plenty of winning LAGs to be seen.


Winning players should just play their normal game

This should hold, the game is the same, plus you see more hands, so win at normal cash = win quicker at zoom. But I see some winning players at zoom NL25 playing ridiculously tight, the kind that is easily exploited in a regular game, but I assume they win through patience versus recreationals who don’t have HUDs and can’t put them at the top of a normal human’s range.

I would be very interested in comparing the gap between winning TAG and LAG stats at zoom versus normal cash. I suspect they are similar.


Abuse the small blind

A little theory suggests the small blind is going to fast fold an awful lot. Why wait and see if it is going to fold to you with anything but the best hands when you can get a new hand that isn’t in the nut low post flop position. However, the majority of my 4 bets are from button – hijack versus small blinds who have adjusted and think their 3 bet looks strong. Regardless, I think the third of players (NL25) who are multitabling are not going to be fast folding their small blind anyway.


Fish wont stick at zoom

Logic dictates that if you see more hands, then there is potential to win or lose and for variance to even out more quickly. If I lose generally, I will lose more quickly, why would I want to do that? The recreationals I assume would love zoom as they can play for an hour or two and are likely going to see some big hands in that time, the fast folding option means they are liable to play a little better and not play so much marginal crap, so they probably don’t lose as quickly by number of hands, in which case zoom may be no more offputting than regular cash tables.