In this post I will explain a little about why I have selected my 10 goals for 2013, it makes sense to say a little about 2012's goals first.

2012 successes included turning a profit at 888, setting aside time for training, playing a UKIPT.

Near misses were profit of $10k - achieved this online but lack of live scores brought it down to around $8.5k. Still an improvement on 2011 and with a full-time job for the majority of the year.

Obviously did not get a five figure score, but did final table a couple of smaller Sunday Majors and made top 100 of a $215 WCOOP so at least five figures was in sight. Ran bad on all three, so hopefully will fare better if I can get in a similar situation this year.

I did not make profit in the first three months of 2012 to pay off my car. In fact started the year really badly and didnt turn a profit til May - hoping to avoid a repeat of that in 2013.

Did not make time to write articles - blame full-time work and a lot of non-poker writing for that. It is something I would like to do if there were more hours in the week.

Did not cash a live $1k event. Played three events with more than $1k buy in, so not a great sample. Did finish 38th at WPT National Barcelona, with 36 paid, so couldn't get much closer!


So for 2013 goals:

1. Win over decent sample (+10k hands) at NL50

I have dedicated myself to playing more cash than tourneys as dont like the swings of MTT grinding and do like the post-flop play that cash tables allow. I am on NL25 on Stars at the moment and NL25 & 50 on Party and IPoker, if neither Party or IPoker NL50 fare well then will drop down to NL25 til prove myself there ... So no guarantee I will be able to put in 10k hands, plus dont think that is a great sample.

2. Qualify for a WSOP event
Having done Vegas in 2011, I missed it last year, but dont think I will have enough going spare to fund it without a satellite score. Boss already have side events sats going, so will be starting early. More likely to be for a $1k than the main event - but have been close to winning a main event package the last three years. Although that was on Bodog that doesnt exist for UK players now

3. $10k profit across live and online play

Same goal as last year, will be playing less hours so is more of a challenge. Also last year the bulk of the profit came from two online scores, so I see this as more of a challenge.

4. Play less than 15 sessions a month

I have a habit of seeing a promo or a tourney series and then ending up playing nearly daily, which with a FT job, doesnt work. I also enjoy poker when it isnt daily routine.

5. Cash a live $1k tourney
This is a bit tricky as I have pretty much said that I need to qualify to play any, but have already qualified for UKIPT Edinburgh so there is one early opportunity.

6. Make a live final table

I will play some smaller tournaments in the closest casino to home - At the end of December I made the final table of a £250 tourney and did not cash --> small fields!

7. Turn a profit for tourneys on Pokerstars.FR
So last year I set out to profit on 888 as I was down $1k and not really understanding it given the standard. Am now way up there, also turned a profit on Stars.COM from a low of -$3k, so very happy that winning across the board ... except for PokerStars.FR. I play there despite the high rake cos of the standard which is often borderline atrocious. The trouble is I play  €30-50 tourneys regularly and it soon adds up, while the bonuses and cash games keep the balance healthy. I was considering grinding their €12 27 mans, but am hopeful that results will come in the MTTs. Fingers crossed for FSCOOP in March.

8. Watch at least 3 cardrunners vids a week

I am a much better player than this time last year and think that Drag the Bar and Poker School Online videos along with my own Holdem Manager analysis are key. Cardrunners is next.

9. Stay at silver star for the whole year on Pokerstars.COM

Why not have an easy one  Also it makes sense to stay there to capitalise on bonuses etc

10. Get a five figure score

Why not have an unlikely one  I remember the thrill of first three figure score years ago and first four figure score in January 2011. So naturally want to go one better. Unrealistic, except came close a few times in 2012.


Finally worth stating that above plus the time vault challenge on here, means a further personal challenge is keeping good records and updating/revisiting the goals often.

Hey ho let's go.