My favourite poker video has to be one by Frosty012. I am going to pick the first I watched ‘NL Fullring $.5 / $1 Session Video Part 1’  which I believe was the first he made for PokerSchoolOnline and the first video I saw which then got me watching other videos here. Some other instructors videos are r e a l l y dull, they merely commentate on what they do. Yes it might be useful to view a winning player at work, but what Frosty012 does well in his videos is explain in detail the interesting spots he faces. You learn both what he does and why he does it, with acceptance that there is not always one right answer and situations vary according to opponents, history etc. Finally what Tyler does very well compared to others who make videos, is stay very honest. He talks about having fun, isn’t afraid to call a fish a fish and recognises his mistakes too.  I look forward to seeing more of his videos.