In my eagerness to boost the BR... I decided to start '4 tabling' at 5NL Zoom (6 max), which proved to be a costly mistake after I suffered my first 'real' downswing of the challenge dropping almost 7BIs ($34) in a week.  As a result, I had no option, but to put my 10NL shot 'on hold' & went back to '2 tabling' deciding to focus on quality rather than quantity.



In stark contrast, I was still crushing the 2NL Zoom (6 max) tables [see graph below] & thanks to a late rally at 5NL Zoom (6 max) reached a new BR peak of $273 [Incl. my initial $80].

October 2013 Results – 2 NL Zoom (6 max)


My focus for November is to continue to play 5NL Zoom (6 max) at least for the first week or two before taking some shots @ 10NL assuming my profits / results allow... & having fallen just short of the required 500 VPPs last month will be aiming to reach Silver Star by end of November. 

I have also registered for the November Missions: Week 1 for a chance to win a share of $150,000 in the 'Possible' All in Shootout on 11th Nov... & cashed in 'The Big Bang' tourney finishing in 70th after being awarded a ticket for last month's blog. [Thank you again PSO].

At the time of writing, I'm pleased to report that I have managed to add another $30 profit at 5NL Zoom (6 max) this week... & therefore my BR is now an impressive $303.

Good luck at the tables & as 'Felix' would say... Keep Grinding It UP!