As the title of my blog suggests... I was inspired to take up the challenge made famous by Felix in his Grinding It Up! Series where he aims to grind up from $80 to $8,000 at Zoom (6 max) & reg (6 max) tables moving up through the levels, starting with 2NL, culminating at 100NL, 200NL.

Whilst I have been playing on-line poker now for approx. 3 years (on & off), I never considered myself much of a 'cash' player focusing mainly on SnGs & MTTs.  Moreover the thought of playing at Zoom (6 max) tables was quite daunting at first, but I have been following the series religiously via Felix’s YouTube Channel, Blog & twitter and have picked up some valuable tips / strategy along the way… & was even lucky enough to have one of my hands featured in Felix’s Day #30 Video on Monday, 30th September 2013.

I have also spent time working on my game and made good use of the various articles, videos & NL Cash Hand Evaluation in the forum at PSO posting a number of hands for evaluation… Btw thanks to Dave, George, John etc... & PSO members for all your help / feedback. 

Starting with 2NL Zoom (6 max)… I decided to follow a similar line in terms of BR Management to Felix starting with 40 Buy Ins i.e. $80 for the challenge and initially found it hard going as Zoom / Rush Poker doesn’t afford you a lot of time to think, never mind make notes on OPs etc, but I soon adapted my play & quickly turned a profit of circa. $45 allowing me to take shots at 5NL.

Since then… I have now played approx. 28,000 hands at 2NL & 5NL and my BR currently stands at $218 [incl. my initial $80], so not quite as good as Felix but not bad.  I’ve set myself a target to reach $240 by mid-October [work, wife & kids permitting] and will then start to take shots at 10NL in the hope that I can boost the BR even more… Watch this space!

Good luck at the tables.