Grayson [aka ‘Spacegravy’] gives great insight how to play in the early stages of low stakes SnGs.

In the first video of the series he explains his thought process when tackling low stake SnGs and talks through the first few blind levels, outlining his starting hand requirements in early, mid and late position, bet sizing etc using several slides to good effect.  I personally found the hand histories very useful and the explanation of how he would play in different situations; putting opponents on a range of hands; awareness of stack sizes; and how to maximise value with premium / strong hands.

‘Spacegravy’ then puts the theory in to practice to demonstrate how his style of play can be applied on the ‘live’ tables.  The instructions are clear, concise and very informative and I genuinely believe have gone a long way to improve my knowledge / strategy to win at low stakes / micro SnGs.

After watching the video, I set myself a challenge to play 100 x 25c (45man) SnGs and implement some of the ideas / strategy set out in the video.  My target was to double my starting roll and my final stats are below:

Tourneys: 100
ITM: 28%
FT: 35%
ROI: $25.29
Total Bankroll: $50.29

1st: 8
2nd: 5
3rd: 4
4th to 7th: 11

Good luck at the tables