After narrowly missing out on Thursday... I finally qualified for the WBCOOP Main Event on Sunday, 30th January 2011 (15.00 ET) after finishing 64th in the final NLHE qualifier earlier today... and I also won a $11 SCOOP ticket in the process.

At one stage (close to the first bubble)... I was running 10th, but made a rash call holding  and ran in to costing me half of my $28K stack and dropped me down to the mid 30s.  After that, I moved tables and was card dead for 5 or 6 orbits... with the blinds rising up to $1,600 and eventually went out after going 'All In' with  and lost to   after missing the board.

Congrats and  good luck to all those who have qualified for the Main Event... See ya there.