Like so many others in the League on the wrong side of the time divide... I do not have the time or the inclination to play 75 - 90 tourneys a month, and therefore my focus has to be different.  When you only play an average of 10 tourneys a week... finishing ITM or at the very least in a (+) points position becomes even more important (... as does not crashing out early).

This week I played in 8 tourneys (... total of 29 this month), and managed another 3 ITM finishes (with only 2 neg. scores) taking my points to 1784 (ranked 233rd).  Yes it's a grind sometimes... and can be very frustrating, but my goal is to finish in to the Top 50... and win $50.00.  Obviously the laws of probability dictate that with so few tourneys a larger prize would be virtually impossible (... as the guys at the very top play on average 50 - 75 tourneys a month), but if the truth be known I would be happy if I could emulate those players who consistently make up the first page month in month out. e.g. Darkman, Essey Armen, navarregator, grama deb, scubajoe etc... not to mention II Cote II and 11SCORPIUS11.

Good luck at the tables.

Pr:wink: digy237