I didn't have the greatest of starts... after a couple of early 'suck outs' on day one  and I have struggled since to find any real form and / or cards.  Ironically, my one and only ITM finish this week was a long and rocky road... I found myself down to $280 in chips with just 8 mins gone (... after my 's were cracked again!!!) and managed to fight my way back from last place with approx. 1400 ppl still around... to finish 168th.  I felt like I'd gone 15 rounds with Mike Tyson... and I lost count of the number of 'All in' battles I was involved in just to survive.  So much so, I had to lie down in a dark room afterwards... lol.

I'm hoping my luck will change this weekend so I can try to make up some ground on the guys at the top... so if you're listening (oh mighty and illustrious poker gods) give a guy a break and let my  's stand up... one time.

Watch this space... & see ya at the tables.