So much for the wise man... the final day of the PSO League was a train wreck.  Nothing stuck... and to make matters worse the ‘Donks’ were out in force trying to do their utmost to knock out as many players as possible just for the fun of it… resulting in 3 early 'suck outs' when first my AA's were busted by 75o (after hitting runner, runner for a straight), and then lost two tourneys in quick succession... AKs vs 73o (2 pair), and lost a coin toss AQs vs 55 (after hitting a set) on the river.

The frustrating thing is... I made a conscious decision to only play 'premium hands' (as you can see above) in the early stages and despite that still ended up losing 60 points and a prize after finishing outside the Top 200.

All in all it was a disappointing end to what had promised to be a good month... and will make me think twice about playing the last day or two of the month in future to protect my score.  That said… I learned a valuable lesson and having achieved ‘Active’ status this month will be aiming to improve my position / points score (... and hopefully winning a share of the prize pool) in January.
Good luck at the tables... Happy New Year.