Recently, I v been going to 1.10 buyin tourneys. I havent done too bad but it always seems like Im playing to survive, not really to win! so I always ran out of chips.

I dont kno what Im doing wrong, coz Im very pacient and always wait for the good hands and then attack. But my plan doesnt seem to work against those players who love to steal blinds. (Maybe Im a bit too scare to attempt to make them fold)

I always try to keep my percentage of hands played as low as possible, always 18% or 25%, coz its sed to be the right move. Id really like to hear what you have to say, any recommendation for this is more than welcome!!


Btw, Id like to use the replayer to be able to see myself in action but I have no idea how to use. Can anyone help, plz? Id appreciate it.

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