I have always enjoyed playing poker, but like many other people, I dont have alot of money to spare.  I downloaded PokerStars in the spring of 2010 and only played the play money version.  And then I won a NAPL ticket but couldnt figure out how to use the ticket until in November.  Turned out I was using the PokerStars.net software which only has play money so real money games not available. 

I later switched to the real money software and started playing in the NAPL tourneys(rookie and senior) in which I earned tickets from on the nightly NAPL freeroll.  I placed in the money a few times and found my account went from $0 to $.23 cents.  I was excited to see that. 

Then through out November, I grinded it out on as many free rolls as I can, and slowly saw my account grew slowly.  It was then I started to play in the micro buy in tourneys playing the .10 tourneys, .25 tourneys and continued with the NAPL tourneys.  By the end of November, I managed to grow my account to $22.  I was so full of confidence and being a little naive, I began playing in the bigger tourneys like the $3.30 with rebuys and found myself rebuying and killing my bank rolls.  Started playing in the $2.75  tourneys and just being stubborn, started losing. 

As this month start, I found my account down to $.56 cents.  How the hell did I allow myself to go back down in such a short period of time(in 3 days to be exact)?  This got me scratching my head and then I saw the Poker School Online.  I went there, did a lot of reading, took the quiz, and joined the PSO league.  So now my quest starts all over.  I am on a mission to BUILD A BANK ROLL FROM SCRATCH.  This blog is to keep myself updated on my progress and to see if I can turn nothing into something(like Chris Ferguson). 

As I make my Journey from Rags to Riches...I will be grinding it out online on the free rolls, the PSO league, and the NAPL league.  AS of December 2, I have $1.96 in my account.  My goal is to turn that into $100 by the spring and $1000 by end of 2011 and $10,000 by 2012 and $100,000 down the road.  I know this is a stretch to start from scratch, but anything is possible. 
Wish me luck and see you on the table.